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How and When Should You Prune a Tree?

Pruning a Tree by Hand

When we approach the spring it is essential that our garden or terrace is ready for the flowers and that our trees receive sunlight during most of the day. In the case of having trees, it is also necessary to know when it is time to prune them. In this article, you will learn how and when to prune the trees or have a tree pruning service done.

Pruning the Trees and Flowers

It is clear that if you have flowers or trees in the garden or terrace of your home, they require a series of care, among which are, of course, pruning.

In case of flowers, it seems that the concept of pruning is transparent or at least we all know that they should be pruned every year, but what about the trees? Maybe because of their size, you think it is difficult to prune them. That’s why most people will try to avoid it. However, it is just as essential as pruning flowers.

Why prune?

Since plants are made to grow well by themselves, pruning means giving the plant an advantage to help it become stronger and more exuberant. Pruning is also a way to treat and prevent certain diseases. That’s why people are pruning dead branches or call to have a pruning service done.

This way, we do not want them to die or branch that we had to cut months ago fall (with the consequent accident that this can cause). It is clear that we must prune the trees, but the next question, when you need to do it?

When tree pruning is done

When to Prune a Tree?Before we start cutting the leaves and branches of our trees, we will have to make sure that it is time. The period of tree pruning generally coincides with the vegetative rest phase of the plant, which goes from the autumn after the fall.

However there is also a “green pruning” that takes place from spring to summer to eliminate the excessive vegetation of very lush plants such as, for example, peach trees.

Once the season has been established, it is necessary to choose the appropriate days. It is enough to know that for pruning, it is always advisable to operate in waning moon conditions because better results are obtained in the fructification.

How to prune trees

Now comes to the most critical question of all, how is tree trimming done? We could also add another equally important issue: how much should we prune?  The answer for both would be: it depends.

For you to know how and how much to prune, this paragraph will explain it to you. The basic rule is extensive pruning on old trees and minimal pruning on young trees in full fruition. The older a tree is, the less vigorous it is and the more pruning it will need.

With the branches of young trees, we will have to do the opposite: to balance growth and fruiting. The vigorous branches must be shortened, while the weak ones must be reduced. Remember these two things: the most active branches are usually the vertical ones (where the sap flows faster), and the weakest are the horizontal ones and the curves.

Two other important things for a balanced pruning is the vegetation of a branch (a carrier branch) must decrease from the base to the tip. Besides, it should be trimmed shorter towards the apex of the tree and closer to the basal branches.

How to choose pruning shears

Pruning a Tree by Hand, Choosing Pruners

In the market, there are many types of scissors, from the traditional ones with a curved blade to the pneumatic or ratchet scissors. Every kind of scissors is suitable for pruning some tree species and others a little less. If you are “novice” in the pruning of trees, it is appropriate to ask depending on the type of tree you want to prune and let you advise by a professional. That’s why we are here!

We at Sharp Tree Service is happy to help you with pruning services, trimming the trees, cutting the branches, and of course, beautify your garden. Currently, we are operating on Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming, GA. Contact us today at (770) 428-2543, and let our professionals do the hard work!