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Summer Tree Care Tips

tree trimming
Tree Trimming

Here are some tips on summer tree care

Summer tree care may not be our first priority these days be the last thing on .  We just want our yard to be beautifully landscaped with healthy, thriving, majestic trees.  Trees that offer protection as well as scenic beauty is what we long for. As lay people, we have no clue about summer tree care.  Enlisting the services of a certified, licensed and insured arborist would be wise at this time.  The professionals at Sharp Tree Service offer basic maintenance and preventive services.  They will help keep your trees healthy throughout these hot summer months and unexpected summer storms.

An evaluation from a professional arborist will provide you with some summer care tips that will allow you to be proactive in maintaining healthy, strong trees. For instance, we know that summer brings unforeseen storms that can wreak havoc in a short period of time. This can be a big problem for your older or vintage trees, not to mention your property and vehicles that they provide shade for. A torrential rainstorm or even just a strong gust of wind could mean a call to Sharp Tree Service for emergency tree removal.  This problem can be eliminated by removing dead limbs, cabling weak limbs or the complete removal of any trees that pose a hazard.  Definitely a job for a professional.

The tree care specialists at Sharp Tree Service provide shrub pruning and tree trimming services for their clients.  This is especially important in the summer months because the sunlight cannot reach the lower shrubs and grassy areas underneath.  The pros at Sharp Tree Service tell us that overgrown shrubs located to close to your home essentially are flashing a ‘Welcome to my home!’ sign at unwanted pests.  You homeowners with pools will definitely appreciate not having to skim the debris from the water and surrounding areas.  A good rule of thumb when you are considering shaping and trimming your trees is NOT to engage in the “topping” or “heading”.  According to best pick reports this is a method of thinning the crown that involves cutting tree branches back to stubs. This makes it impossible for your trees to sustain future growth patterns.  Topping can also invite insect and fungal damage.

Who knew that these summer tree care tips would be so useful?  We see that being proactive is vital. Removing any weak or dead limbs before Mother Nature springs a storm on us is necessary. Along with the safety reasons, having well maintained trees can raise the overall value of your home and the surrounding properties.  Call Sharp Tree Service for a FREE QUOTE today!