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Stump Removal: When the Stump Remains…

Sharp Tree Service, the experts in stump removal

Many times after a storm, you’ll find countless fallen trees that break just above stump.  The force of the wind, rain, sleet, snow etc. can cut a tree down like an axe.  The weather’s elements may bring down the tree, but the stump remains.  If this happens on your property, it is you, the homeowner, who is responsible for the stump removal.   Even if you cut your own tree down, but cannot get to that pesky, hard to remove stump, the professionals at Sharp Tree Service are the experts at stump removal.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

The answer is stump grinding.  Offering their stump removal and stump grinding services to homeowners and business owners in Cumming and the surrounding areas, Sharp Tree Service has just the right machine for the job.  With a stump grinder that is both remote controlled and drivable, our technicians can maneuver the machine directly on top of the stump for the most thorough stump removal possible.  The compact size of the stump grinder makes for easy movement through any gate, including the standard 36” opening.  When Sharp Tree Service is called in for expert stump removal, their stump grinding service removes every piece of the tree including the tree roots.  Growing roots from large trees can spread and cause more damage to your property such as breaking up your foundation, driveway, and sidewalk.  This will definitely make your landscaping unsightly as well as cause a safety hazard.  We all want our kids to be safe in our backyard and on our property. With stump removal, they will have a leveled playground that won’t attract unwanted insects.

Termites and carpenter ants love to take up residence in the remains of the tree you just couldn’t properly remove.  When you are stumped with what to do with that eye soar of a tree stump, the professionals at Sharp Tree Service are the experts, and stump grinding is the answer.  With stump grinding services starting as low as $95, why let that stump stop your summer fun?  Call Sharp Tree service for a FREE Quote Today.