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Danger: Trees and Power Lines

 A tree limb is tangled in a power lineMaintaining your trees now can prevent damaged power lines later

We’ve all heard the devastating stories on the news about power outages due to tree limbs falling on power lines.  Sometimes the damage is so bad that power cannot be restored for days. What’s worse is, it may take emergency tree removal before your local utility company can even begin the restoration process.  When disaster strikes and you’re dealing with electrical damage as well as property damage first call 911.  Then, a call to your insurance company, your roofer and your local arborists, like the professionals at Sharp Tree Service. would we wise.  The best way to counteract the chain reaction of Mother Nature’s wrath, a tree falling on a power line near your house and then on your roof, is to be proactive and trim tree branches close to power lines.

According to the National Hurricane Center’s website, hurricane season in the Atlantic begins on June 1st and ends November 30th.  Since it is mid-July, and we are in the midst of torrential rainstorms, lightning strikes and approaching storms, now is the time to assess the structural health of your trees.  There are several things to look for when doing a tree inspection.  FEMA suggests to look for dead trees, dead decaying and weakly attached branches, root disease or disturbances, trees with dense canopies and trees with poor structure and shape.  Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your trees in shape.  The professionals at Sharp Tree Service specialize in assessing tree health and it would be wise to call in a licensed and insured arborists for a job as crucial as this.  When nature comes in for a visit, by way of tree limbs falling on power lines NEVER touch the power line or the tree.  Call 911, get out of the house and take pictures or video of the damage for insurance purposes.  Maintain your trees now in order to prevent damage to your power lines later.  Call Sharp Tree Service today for a FREE Quote.