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Unhealthy Tree Removal

Unhealthy tree removal during storm season

Unhealthy Tree RemovalUh-oh its summer storm season and storms expose weak and unhealthy trees. Reports of severe weather in East Cobb County and the Oak Knoll Drive neighborhood should have homeowners examine their current tree situation.  To prevent your trees from succumbing to the high winds, torrential rains, crashing thunder and dangerous lightning, they need to be strong and healthy.  You don’t want that big old oak in your back yard to ruin your summer by falling right in the middle of your beautifully landscaped yard ruining your 4th of July celebration.  Before emergency removal is necessary, you need to invest in unhealthy tree removal services.  To prevent falling trees its best to be proactive and look for warning signs.   Unless you are a certified, licensed and insured arborist like the guys as Sharp Tree Service you need to know the warnings signs of unhealthy trees.  According to the Forestry Department’s website  some signs of unhealthy trees are:

  1.  Color changes in the crown
  2.  Change in the form or shape
  3.  Growth Disturbance
  4.  Premature loss or development
  5.  Rapid and widespread death of leaves, flowers and stems
  6.  Progressive death of shoots, leaves or roots beginning at the tips
  7.  Drooping of plants as a result of insufficient water supply
  8.  Spots and lesions
  9. Cankers
  10.  Rot and decay
  11.  Damage from animal and insect feeding
  12.  Pest infestation
  13.  General damage
  14.  Other growths on the tree

Another reason to be proactive with tree removal is, insurance companies don’t want to pay for damages when an unhealthy tree falls on your home. Did you know it is the home owner’s responsibility to cut down harmful trees?  Sharp Tree Service specializes in unhealthy tree removal which includes a full on-site consultation and a professional recommendation as to whether it should be removed or not.  With the danger of looming storms especially in Cobb County, if you notice signs of unhealthy trees call Sharp Tree Service for a FREE QUOTE today!