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Free onsite consultation and estimate. We are your one stop shop for all of your tree service and hardscaping needs. Free onsite consultation and estimate. We are your one stop shop for all of your tree service and hardscaping needs.
Who is Sharp Tree Service
Who Is
Sharp Tree Service

ISA Certified Arborist StampFounded in 2002, Sharp Tree Service is a reliable and reputable tree services company. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Georgia, giving you complete peace of mind when contracting us. Call on us for tree services including trimming, pruning and removal as well as stump grinding and removal.

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Tree Services

With more than 10 years of proven experience as a tree service company, Sharp Tree Service is truly the expert when it comes to tree related services. When you choose Sharp Tree Service, you get more than just tree consultations and tree services. We offer expert environmental advice based on decades of experience. Through years of providing tree services in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, Duluth, Roswell, and Woodstock, we have built a dense partnership network with landscapers and contractors in order to help our customers with more than just tree services.

Sharp Tree Service also provides landscape design services such as garden design, hardscapes, sod and mulch installation. Learn more about Sharp Tree Service or better yet, contact us to schedule a free estimate and appointment with one of our certified, licensed and insured tree arborists. You can trust Sharp Tree Service to treat your trees right.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming services in Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock and surrounding areas.

tree trimming

The best time to have your trees trimmed is between January and March. Tree trimming could be the solution to the problem lingering over your property. So you have a tree that is still standing but you have noticed some dead or hanging limbs. Leaving deceased tree limbs on trees can actually harm the remaining healthy tree parts and can cause damage if it falls. To keep trees healthy and to avoid the aforementioned issue, trees need to be trimmed regularly, after all, it does promote healthy tree growth. In a very short explanation, tree trimming does not involve cutting away major tree parts, it simply refers to the reduction of the tree’s canopy.

Our tree trimming services are focused on maintaining a healthy balance between aesthetics and optimum tree health. Our team of professional arborists will evaluate your tree or trees to determine the best plan of action. If we need a crane for a very tall tree, we can procure one for the project. We will safely trim the limbs and remove all the debris from your property. We come prepared with all the equipment needed to complete the job same day. Call Sharp Tree Service for a free consultation today!

Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup

Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup in Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock and surrounding areas.

emergency tree removal
Emergency Tree Removal of Fallen Tree

Sharp Tree Service offers emergency service when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, accidents and nightmares do happen. Fallen trees bring a lot of traumatic experiences, including physical injury and extensive property damage. Call us if you have fallen trees or tree debris that needs to be cleared or removed from your house, roof, roadway or driveway. We accept calls 24x7x365.

Dealing with damaged property as a result of a fallen tree is bad enough and you do not have the time, nor the energy to remove the tree from your damaged roof or other property assets. If this unfortunate event has occurred on your property, give us a call so that we can take care of the problem. Our service crews have the equipment and required skills to remove fallen trees and tree parts from your property in an instant. We have a bucket truck for getting close to objects and a portable saw mill for shaving off the bark onsite. We can even help you cover any gaping holes in your roof to mitigate subsequent damages. Contact Sharp Tree Service to schedule service when nature pops in for a quick visit. We offer a Free Quote!

Tree Removal

Tree removal services at its best!

Tree removal cumming ga

We do more than cutting down trees; we are certified, licensed and insured arborists and we take the utmost care when cutting down or removing trees from your property. Our tree removal services include a full on-site consultation to evaluate the surrounding area, including structures and tree fall paths. Our diligence offers complete peace of mind. Dead or deceased trees are probably the number one reason why trees are cut down and removed. Trees that show early signs of decease, should be inspected by a certified arborist to determine the overall health of the tree and make a professional recommendation whether or not it should be removed. Contact us to have one of our certified arborists inspect suspicious trees.

In addition to dead or deceased trees, removing damaged trees is equally important. Trees get damaged for a number of different reasons due to exposure to exterior conditions. Wind and ice storms contribute hugely to tree damage and broken tree limbs. Dead tree limbs or loose hangin tree parts are extremely dangerous to it’s weight and the possibility of it falling or valuable property assets, neighbors, or your loved ones. Large tree root systems have the potential to damage structures, foundations and underground infrastructures. Roots grow at a steady pace and can cause serious damage to home foundations, pools, pipes, and underground wires. More commonly, cracked driveways and walkways that are close to large trees are the first notable signs or damaging tree root systems.

Owners of older properties typically have overgrown trees for the area in which it is located. Large trees in close proximity to homes, fences, or driveways often cause costly damages. Removing trees of this nature keeps all surrounding infrastructure in good shape. Call us for a FREE QUOTE on tree removal services today!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding and stump removal services in cumming and surrounding areas.

stump grinding services, stump grinder in action
Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the answer to getting rid of those unsightly tree stumps in your yard. Stump grinding can also put an end to tree roots tearing up your driveway and sidewalk in front of your home. Our stump grinding service is fast and affordable. Our compact equipment fits through almost any gate including standard 36″ openings making it more convenient and less interruptive. Our innovative stump grinder is remote controlled and drivable, allowing us to get directly on top of the stump for the best removal possible.

We provide stump grinding services with the use of our in-house stump cutter. It can virtually grind up any type of tree including hardwood trees with speed and ease. Each job is clean and fast. In fact, no one will ever know the tree stumps were there. Our stump grinding service removes every piece of the tree including the tree roots. Plus, tree stump grinding will make your landscaping a safe place for the family to play. It will also stop unwanted insects from invading your grounds and turning the stump into a new home. You don’t termites or carpenter ants as roommates.

Stump grinding estimates vary considerably depending on the size of the stump (measured in diameter) and surrounding obstacles. Let us smooth out your property so you can have the landscaping you desire – stump free. If you are a local homeowner, business owner or even a fellow tree service company in need of stump grinding service contractors, please call Sharp Tree Service for a Free Quote today!

Firewood Sales

Firewood sales in Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock and surrounding areas.

Split Firewood for Firewood Sales

We offer true seasoned dry premium firewood sales at great prices. Prepare for winter, better yet; save money on your gas or electric bill by burning good old fashioned hardwood. Available for pick-up in Cumming, GA and delivery to Cumming, Alpharetta, Canton, Roswell, Crabapple, Milton, Woodstock, Duluth, and Johns Creek, Georgia.

Seasoned firewood sales is the way to go. When buying firewood it is crucial to know how long the wood has been split and how it has been stored. Oak firewood is extremely dense and logs cut years ago can still have moisture in the center. Wood doesn’t really dry effectively until split. At a minimum the wood should be split over the course of the hot dry summer to cure it so this seasons wood needs to have been split at least 6 months to be properly seasoned. If you wait until fall to split the wood it will have high moisture and produce less heat and more smoke and creosote. It’s burnable and fine if you are doing it yourself but if you are paying for firewood – why wouldn’t you buy the best? Seasoned firewood has a greater heat value than green wood.

Crane for Tree Removal

Our business has reached new heights by introducing a crane for tree removal.

Sharp Tree Service Crane for Tree Removal

Here at Sharp Tree Services in Cumming, we are excited to announce that we will now be using a crane for tree removal when necessary. A crane is an amazing tool when it comes to removing trees. It helps with removing taller trees. Traditional tree removal methods are often time consuming and labor intensive. A tree removal business without a crane can require complex rigging and lowering to avoid obstacles and usually have inferior results compared to the crane assisted tree removal process. When we use our new crane, the tree removal process becomes much easier and it also decreases the impact to the properties surrounding your property.

Outside of being used for construction projects, cranes have been used by tree service companies more often recently. However, not many tree service companies are using a crane for tree removal.

All of our crane operators are properly trained. The safety of our tree removal team and clients is our first priority. We are here to remove any tree of any size from your property, so give us a call at 770-428-2543.


Hardscaping service in Cumming, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock and surrounding areas.

It's Planting Season
After Photo of Yard

Elevate your property with new hardscaping. Having healthy grass is great – but where is the definition? Adding different textures to your property brings out your personal design touches as well as adds some depth to your yard. You can have the backyard oasis of your dreams with the addition of hardscaping. Sharp Tree Service offers installation services for hardscapes such as patios and pathways made from stone, concrete and other hard wearing materials. Give your flowers and shrubs the proper stage. Accent your landscaping and make your property stand out with new stonework.

We build retaining walls, irrigation systems and sprinklers. It is important to make sure your property has the correct drainage in place when adding hardscaping. We can install sod to create a beautiful lawn or add mulch and pinestraw around lawn features. If you are adding a water feature to your yard, such as a pond or large fountain, we can make that happen! Even pool areas need to be graded before the pool can be installed.

Sharp Tree Service is your expert on grading and landscape preparation work. While still in the planning stages, we can help you design and plan outdoor living spaces and draw them up for your landscaper.

With more than 10 years of proven experience as a tree service company, Sharp Tree Service is truly the expert when it comes to tree related services. When you choose Sharp Tree Service, you get more than just tree consultations and tree services. We offer expert environmental advice based on decades of experience.
Robin A.
Marietta, GA

“Very professional, super friendly, and did not break the bank! Sharp Tree Service is the only company I will call next time … they are just that good!”

Rick Y.
Roswell, GA

“Prompt. Easily available. Easy to work with. He had the right equipment and did a great job removing a 18″ x 21″ Bradford Pear. Price was right and job was done right. Recommended.”

Robert D.
Smyrna, GA

“Large tree fell on two parked cars. Called and they responded within an hour to give estimate. Returned two hrs later with the right equipment needed to remove the tree and free the cars with no further damage. A++ service. Highly recommended.”

Mike H.
Cumming, GA

“They showed up on time, did what they committed to do and provided great service!”

Martin T.
Acworth, GA

“Their price was very good, their service was very good, they were willing to work with me, and I enjoyed doing business with them.”

Neil R.
Kennesaw, GA

“Very quick and professional service, prices outstanding.”

Jean S.
Cumming, GA

“They did everything they said they would as requested. Very good follow up. Prompt and timely service. Great to work with and overall genuine nice people.”

Larry C.
Alpharetta, GA

“They were immediate on estimate and service. Communication from the office was great as was the field experience.”

Ros W.
Woodstock, GA

“Excellent customer service; very friendly. Through discussions found out they offered other services that were competitively priced. Hired them to install irrigation system and sod.”

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