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Tree Tips for Fall: Prepare Your Buddies for Cold Months

It’s not enough to plant trees and water them every now and then. Every season brings changes to the routine, and if you want your green buddies to be happy and healthy all year long, don’t forget to prepare them for cold months.  The summer is ending, so you should already have activities planned. Gladly, there are some tree tips that suit almost all kinds, and you can get all of them from this article. We’ll talk about hydration, pruning, and other ISA recommendations.

Tip #1: Hydrate Your Trees Well

All year long, one of the best tree tips is to water them. In autumn, consider the temperature. If the water won’t freeze the tree, do it. This is especially important for younglings. When it gets colder and liquid freezes outside, wait for the warmer days for the procedure.

Tip #2: Prune Them Timely and Carefully

Pruning your trees is very important for their well-being. This removes the redundant parts that relieve stress and help the tree grow better. Pruning later in the autumn has several advantages:

  • The trees are dormant.
    This means they are sleeping. Renewing their structure is the best you can do during this time.
  • The structure is visible.
    You can easily see what creates stress for the tree because there are no leaves and the branches to remove are easy to detect.

Tip #3: Avoid Injuring the Trees

There are several ways a tree can be injured:

  • Snow and ice applying too much pressure to the branches;
  • Animals chewing on the trunk;
  • People shoveling snow or removing leaves.

Any damage may become a reason for an illness or total destruction of the tree. Be very careful when removing debris and later snow, think about the roots that may be on the surface.

To prevent animals from damaging the trunk, install a protective construction from plastic, burlap, or hardware cloth. The first two options will also protect the tree from cold temperatures.

Don’t forget to remove the ‘case’ in spring when awakening and growth happen. Otherwise, you may damage the tree while trying to protect it.

Tip #4: Use Mulch to Ease the Cold for the Trees

Use mulch in autumn and early winter. It will create another layer of protection, retaining moisture and keeping the roots healthy, happy, and fed. Mulch will also ease the cold temperatures for your friend.

Although trees are pretty lively, extreme colds may damage them to the point where they don’t wake up in spring. So, make sure yours have enough protection with organic mulch and plastic encasing.

The Final Word

Autumn is a great time not only to take care of your trees but to plant new ones as well. The roots will grow strong during winter. Springtime will provide rain for proper hydration, and when the warmer months come, the growth will be very much visible.

So, there’s a lot of work to do for the old and new trees. This might seem too much, but once you build a routine, all those tasks will become easier to complete.