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Trees that are more trouble than they are worth

There are several tens of thousands of trees in the world, so no wonder people find it troublesome to figure out which ones to plant in their yards!

If you are not a professional or simply experienced gardener, it might be tricky for you to sort out the trees that will fit your garden and will not cause much damage to the soil or surrounding. Some of them have shallow roots, and others are rather smelly when blooming. So how not mess up and plant exactly what you are looking for?

Below you will find a couple of suggestions on what trees you should never ever choose for planting since they are not what you would like to see there!

5 Troublemaking Trees to avoid

Having trees in your garden is awesome! They give us shade and coolness, and better than that, they look gorgeous when fully grown. However, several of them exist that nobody would like to have in their backyard.

This is why, no matter the climate of your area or your desired purposes regarding trees, try to avoid the following ones

  1. Weeping Willow

This one looks elegant and fabulous, however, willows have a shallow root system which means that an adult tree will spread its roots all over your yard! It may cause serious damage to the sewage pipes, underground lines, septic system, and foundation of the house.

For this reason, if you do want to plant a willow in your yard, keep it far away from sidewalks,  driveways, and all the facilities mentioned above.

2. Female Ginkgo

Yep, these trees are somewhat special since they are dioecious which means that male and female trees grow separately! And by the way, female Ginkgo is not the best choice for any garden.

The female tree of this kind has seeds that have a very unpleasant smell that reminds of rancid butter. Besides, these seeds tend to make messy tree droppings which is also not the ideal way to “decorate” your garden! This is why, if choosing Ginkgo for planting, make sure you buy a male tree.

3. Silver Maple

Being one of the most widespread trees in the U.S., silver maple is far from being an ideal yard tree though. First of all, it has a wide root system that can cause hazards to your pipes and driveway.

And second, this kind of maple grows pretty fast which results in its wood getting brittle. Surely, nobody would like to have messy tree droppings in their yard, or even worse, experience the hazard of damage to the property!

4. Bradford Pear

This tree looks stunning when in bloom, but you don’t want to have it in your garden for sure. This pear is extremely prone to cracking and splitting, as well as other damages due to storms (e.g. strong winds, rain, heavy snowfall, ice, etc.).

But this is not the worst part! Despite looking beautiful when blooming, this tree’s blossom has an unbearable fishy odor! So think twice before planting this one in your garden.

5. Black Walnut

Not the best tree to have in your garden, and this is why: this walnut tree releases chemicals that are harmful to some other plants. So if you grow veggies or fruits in your garden and you have a walnut around, some of them might suffer.

With this list, it will be easier for you to determine which trees to avoid and choose the ones that will enhance your yard. Have questions about the trees in your yard call Sharp Tree Service at 770-428-2543. See our reviews.