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Winter Trimming

Why winter trimming is a good idea

Winter trimming is an important part of keeping your landscaping looking great. It also helps get your trees ready for spring by prepping them for new growth. Getting ahead of the growth that happens when the weather starts is a great way to keep your trees healthy, ward off pests and have a great looking yard.

When it comes to winter trimming, the benefits are well worth braving the sometimes chilly days that come with the season. By eliminating dead and weak branches you are allowing the tree to save room for the healthy new growth that will be showing up in the coming months. Another reason to trim in the winter is that is gives the plant extra energy and root reserves. This means that come springtime, they’ll betree trimming ready to grow with new vigor. The work put in now will be well worth it when you see all the wonderful blooms and new growth popping up in your landscaping.

Another great reason to start the tree trimming process now is convenience. Dormant season means there are fewer, if any, leaves left on the branches. With the leaves gone it is easier to see the branches. This means it is easier to tell which branches need to stay and which branches need to go. Tree trimming in the winter also helps with the aesthetics of your yard. The colder months can already be a little dreary. Don’t add to the mix with dead branches and limp looking trees, keep your landscaping looking great.

If you’re not sure how to go about getting your trees ready for the warmer months, give the professionals at Sharp Tree Service a call. We have all the knowledge needed to make the winter trimming process easy and effective. Call us today for a free quote.