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Call 811 Before Storm Damage Cleanup

Call 811 So We Don’t Need 911

We have been talking about storm damage cleanup services; however, we need to talk about an important service for all homeowners when facing repairs to your home. Sometimes clearing property is not so simple. There may be a reason to fix something which moves cleaning up into repairs. When your home or property needs repairing be sure to call 811.

811 is a service that locates electric, gas and water lines to your home. It’s not a regular occurrence, but utility and or tree service workers are subject to serious injury when providing emergency services to home and businesses. Breaking ground and not knowing what is underneath can lead to electric shock or greater risks when digging up someone’s yard or property. By calling 811, you give yourself the peace of mind of knowing where all the hot spots are before starting a project.

storm damage clean up
storm damage cleanup

For example, we have had a ton of calls for storm damage cleanup due to all the most recent, daily afternoon showers. If we arrive at a home and see a large tree uprooted, we know the job will require some digging. 811 is vital in letting us know what’s below ground before we dig. 811 will survey your land and find all of the gas, power and water lines to your home or building. The worry of digging too deep and hitting a gas line or bursting a water pipe is eliminated.

When bad storms hit and you need the help of Sharp Tree service for storm damage cleanup, be sure to contact 811 prior to starting a project. This simple action can keep you and contracted workers safe.