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Storm Damage Cleanup For Fallen Trees

Tree Service Company Offers Storm Damage Cleanup

Just as we suspected. The storms that were a coming are here. The skyline was lit up like the fourth of July this week. Fallen tree limbs, leaves and debris were everywhere throughout Metro Atlanta. This is the prime time to call Sharp Tree Service for storm damage cleanup.

By now, you are used to the summer storms in Georgia. However, as a new homeowner, you may not be used to fallen trees, tree limbs or other debris in your yard. Hearing the strong winds, lightning and thundering is one thing. Waking up to a Georgia pine across your lawn is another.11220119_1106504072729115_750381304318069745_n

At Sharp Tree Service, we know that residential and commercial areas can experience damages due to harsh storms. This is the time of year when storms can cause uprooted or fallen trees on your property. Cleanup must happen in a timely fashion as not to cause long-term damage to your property and a greater cost to you.

Prevention is also important. If you live in a heavily wooded area, there’s a likely chance your property has some rather large trees surrounded it or in close proximity. Taking the initiative to cut down harmful tree limbs or dead trees before storm season starts can help keep your home and property safe.

If you have potentially dangerous trees in your yard, contacting your local tree service company for services can keep you one step ahead. Sharp Tree Service can handle your preventative tree maintenance as well as any storm damage cleanup. Call us at 770-428-2543 for a quote. Follow us on Facebook to follow our work.