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Hardscaping Can Keep The Party Going

Enhance the softscape by hardscaping

Imagine peering out your kitchen window and looking at your backyard. You gaze from right to left, left to right, and start to ask yourself one thing… what is missing here? Your lawn is perfectly manicured and your hedges are smoother than any fast moving hedge hog. Then you notice something; there isn’t a pathway. When you walk outside to investigate, you verify there really isn’t a pathway from the front yard to the backyard or from the fence door to the back porch. You realize you need hardscaping.

Hardscaping is a simple feature that is easily installed to enhance your landscape. Made from natural stones, hardscapes come in a variety of colors and styles to accommodate the look you want. Think about summer cookouts and pool parties. Hardscapes are creatively designed to tell the story of your backyard oasis step by step.

For example, you have a cookout planned for the Fourth of July, but there’s a downpour the day before. The backyard is soggy and muddy, and you might have to cancel or move the party indoors. Hardscaping can keep the party going. With stone hardscaping in place, your guests can still move about the yard and not worry about stepping in mud. Create an pathway that doubles as decoration and navigation so no one misses the epic cannon ball.

Hardscaping is not only for stepping, it is also for elevating. Give your landscaping a glamorous stage so your plants and flowers can feel the spotlight in the spring and summer. Plant your seasonal flowers to bloom throughout areas of the yard where hardscaping is installed. Your bed of roses will feel loved and your tulips will pucker up when a brilliant stone walkway sets a display from the pedestrian grass.

Whether you want an actual yellow brick road or just need a better way to showcase your gardening skills, hardscapes are awesome for developing any backyard. Sharp Tree Service offers hardscaping services. If you have any questions, please give us a call. For more ideas on enhancing your landscape, follow our blog.