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Safeguard Your Property From Summer Storm Damage

Is Your Property Safe From Summer Storm Damage?

Storms in Georgia always bring forth summer storm damage to residents during this time of year. Known for tall Southern Pines and old Oak trees, Georgia homeowners definitely have something to consider when mother nature stops for an extended stay in the local area. From May to September, we typically see high flooding from summer rain and lightning storms occur more than usual. As a tree service company, we are well-versed in handling insurance claims for homeowners who suffered a loss as a result of a tree falling during a storm.

Sharp Tree Service not only handles complete tree services, but we also offer cleanup services for summer storm damage to your home and property. Of course prevention is key, so let’s talk about some things you can do to prevent storm damage, shall we.

fallen tree
fallen tree from storm

Water, wind and lightning are the biggest threats to a homeowner. Why you might ask? Simply because these natural occurrences can directly affect the trees in your yard. How many times have you looked outside at your neighbor’s tree that hangs over your driveway and thought, ‘I hope the tree doesn’t fall on my car’? Perhaps your home backs up to a wooded area with swaying trees looming over your house. Either one of these scenarios presents a threat to your home… a fallen tree.

When a tree falls, it can cause significant damage to your grounds, home or car. It can also cause damage to your neighbor’s property depending on how it falls. Either way you are responsible for the damages, cleanup and repairs. Now is the time to get a step ahead of potential threats to your happy summer.

Tree removal services present an upfront cost; however, you will save money in the long run. More than likely you have no idea which trees are a threat. All trees sway, so that isn’t a concrete reason to remove a tree. You want to remove the dead trees. It takes an expert arborist like a crew member from Sharp Tree Service to identify the dead trees in your yard.

A dead tree is a weak tree. A strong wind can uproot the largest tree just as well as the smallest. We have seen trees completely uprooted out the ground due to heavy rain and strong winds. Lightning is just an added component to a tree falling faster. By cutting down and or completely removing weak trees in your yard, you can save yourself a headache. We especially suggest the removal of trees that are close to the home.

Every time there are damaging storms in metro Atlanta, Sharp Tree Service is called to remove the tree and cleanup the property. We will remove the fallen tree, including the stump and any debris on your property. Call us at 770-428-2543 for tree removal services and preventative care as well as summer storm damage cleanup.

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