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Winter Preparation

Winter preparation may not be on your mind yet, but it definitely is on ours.

Winter preparation may be the furthest thing from your mind, especially if you are enjoying the lingering warm weather. At Sharp Tree Service we definitely are advocates for squeezing in as much summer and fall fun as possible. However, being proactive is the name of the game when it comes to preventing damage to your house due to falling trees and limbs. Winter can bring even more fun times, but not when you are worried about trees damaging your yard or house. Here

winter preparation
Bucket Truck for Tree Removal

are two tips to consider when it comes to winter preparation.

It may be hard to see it now, but there is always a chance your trees could be covered in snow in the next few months. The first tip we have to offer this week is to take stock of your tree branches. Are there any that appear rotted, weak, or dead on an otherwise healthy tree? These are the important limbs to take note of because they will most likely be the first ones to fall when the snow piles on. Being proactive and removing these limbs can help prevent an emergency when winter rolls around.

Another aspect of your yard to consider in your winter preparation are the trees themselves. Like the branches, any trees that are rotted, partially falling down, or dangerously swaying need to be closely inspected. This is especially important if the trees are near your house or could block a driveway.

Call the professionals at Sharp Tree Service once you’re ready to start your winter preparation. We can help you get rid of any risky branches or entire trees. Call us today at 770-428-2543 for more information and a FREE QUOTE.