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Getting Prepared

Being prepared for weather emergencies is another way to prepare for winter.

Being prepared is all is a great way to keep you and your family calm in case of an emergency. No one likes to think about stressful situations, but a little preparation goes a long way. We have been talking about getting ready for

Ice damaged trees

winter, and for good reason. One common emergency in the winter, or any time with heavy rain/wind, is falling trees. This can damage your home, prevent you from getting in and out of your home, and even cause injuries. This week Sharp Tree Services has a few tips to help you get prepared in case the winter weather we’re bound to experience does a little damage.

First, make sure you have enough blankets in your home if your heat goes out. Staying warm during a stressful situation can be a big help. Next, make sure you have enough flashlights and extra batteries. This seems like a simple tip, but many times we forget to check the batteries until we need them! Don’t let this happen to you – stock up on batteries before a situation arises. Next, make sure you have enough non-nonperishable food. Also, invest in a radio if you don’t already own one. This can help keep you updated on the winter weather, and keep you in the know. Although it can be hard to imagine dangerous winter weather when we are in the middle of great weather, don’t let preparation slip your mind!

Winter emergencies are hard to be prepared for, but taking a little time now to do so will take some of the stress away from potential situations. However, at Sharp Tree Service we know that you can’t prepare for everything. That is why we offer our emergency services. If you find yourself in a situation with fallen trees or limbs, call us and let our professionals help you. For more information or a FREE QUOTE contact us at 770-428-2543.