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Will My Home Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Double check your insurance policy for tree removal coverage

Will my home insurance policy cover tree removalThe joys of homeownership are secured with a home insurance policy. The details of that policy can be a whole other story … especially when it comes to your insurance company covering tree removal.

If you own a home in Cumming, Alpharetta or Roswell, more than likely your home is surrounded by trees. No matter the size of the tree, their presence on your property can be a big responsibility. Knowing the health of those trees can be detrimental. Healthy trees can weather storms, while weak, unhealthy trees fall victim to a strong storm front. To make matters worse, sickly trees don’t have discretion on where they may fall. They are susceptible to falling on your home, your neighbor’s property or power lines, which can be very dangerous and cause a lot of damage.

Here are some situations that can make a tree fall:

  • Shallow roots
  • Weak roots
  • Damaged roots
  • Harmed by infectious insects (Southern Pine Beetle and Littleleaf Disease)

Many homeowners wonder, “In what situations will my insurance company cover tree removal?” Safeco Insurance listed these 5 things to know about fallen trees and insurance coverage:

  1. Your homeowners insurance likely covers tree removal and damage repairs for your home and other insured structures, such as fences.
  2. If there’s no damage, there’s likely no insurance coverage.
  3. Your city or municipality may clean up trees that fall into the street, but you may still have reason to file an insurance claim.
  4. You may have coverage even if a tree falls from your neighbor’s property.
  5. Your car insurance may cover damage to your vehicle from a fallen tree.

So, if a tree that is located on your property falls and you have home insurance, most times your insurance company will pay to have it removed only if it falls on a structure. If it falls and doesn’t land on a structure, in most situations the removal of that tree will not be covered by your insurance company. The important thing is to know your insurance policy.

Here are some tips that Safeco Insurance suggests you should do when filing an insurance claim for a fallen tree:

  • Take photos – Photos taken from many angles and vantage points help to establish the extent and cause of the damage. Be careful not to go near fallen trees that are entangled in power lines, however. And don’t climb onto an unstable surface to get better photos.
  • Provide as many details as possible – If, for example, a neighbor’s tree was neglected and fell onto your property, causing damage, be sure to tell your carrier. If a storm caused the tree to fall, be sure to provide details about the severity of the weather.
  • Be prepared to pay your deductible – If you experience a covered loss due to a fallen tree, you will be responsible for paying the appropriate deductible.

Even though your insurance company will cover it, you don’t want one of your trees falling on your home or vehicle. That catastrophic event could physically harm you, your family or neighbors. Being proactive in protecting your family should be the number one priority. Winter time is the best time to get questionable trees removed. Since the cold weather causes less foliage, it makes it easier to remove trees, so make your appointment with Sharp Tree Service today, by calling 770-428-2543.