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Warm Up Your Thanksgiving with Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned Firewood Complements a Well Seasoned Turkey

Seasoned Firewood for Thanksgiving
Seasoned Firewood for Thanksgiving

You are hosting Thanksgiving this year and you want to make sure everyone is comfortable and cozy. You have your menu laid out and enough seating for everyone to crowd around the TV to watch this year’s Thanksgiving football games. What are you missing? Ah, yes! Seasoned firewood for your fireplace. Sharp Tree Service in Cumming GA is to your rescue. Enhance your family’s Thanksgiving experience with a stack of seasoned firewood burning in your fireplace as the backdrop during this essential family time.

If you live in Cumming GA, you can come on in to pick out your seasoned firewood. We also deliver our seasoned firewood to Cumming, Alpharetta, Canton, Roswell, Crabapple, Milton, Woodstock, Duluth, and Johns Creek. It’s time to prepare for this holiday season, so don’t get left in the cold without your seasoned firewood.

What makes our firewood stand out from the rest is that it is seasoned. Seasoned firewood burns easily and efficiently. The process of properly seasoning firewood takes about six months. The wood is split and stored over the course of the hot dry summer to ensure it is cured for use in the winter. Splitting the wood in the fall would be too late because it will have a lot of moisture and produce less heat. The result is a smoky room containing creosote. Creosote is a gummy, foul smelling, corrosive and extremely combustible substance that, if no precautions are taken, will coat the insides of everything it passes through. It is formed when volatile gasses given off in the burning process combine and condense on their way out of the chimney.

Well, Sharp Tree service wants to make your Thanksgiving memorable and cozy with properly seasoned firewood. Using firewood will also keep your heating bill down, so call Sharp Tree Service for a FREE quote today!