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Clearing Your Land for a Pool

Let us help you prepare your backyard for the pool of your dreams

Clearing Your Land for a PoolWinter 2017 has been abnormally warm, which has accelerated the desire of many homeowners to have a pool in their backyard. Only one problem though … you currently have a “forest” inhabiting where your pool should be. So, clearing your land for a pool is the first step.

Sharp Tree Service can definitely help you with preparing for this amazing upgrade to your home. Whether you have a few trees to remove or an entire forest in your backyard, we will come to access your property in order to see the best approach to take before we clear your land. Old fallen trees, old stumps, and damaged trees found on your property can be eyesores and pose some danger to those who walk within it. We can advise you on what trees are healthy, should remain in place, are dangerous, diseased and dying. We will discuss options with you such as sight lines, screening and solar trajectory to maximize either sun or shade. We will discuss how the pool construction process will impact the trees and how the trees will impact the pool.

Sharp Tree Service is here to clear your land for a pool. Our tree removal company will remove old stumps, unhealthy trees as well as those trees that are in the place you want your pool to go. We try to avoid moving healthy trees at all cost, but we understand when one has to be removed because it is in a prime spot. We will be sure to repurpose that would so its removal will not be in vain.

There are many uses for wood once it has been removed from your property. The newly mulched material can fertilize the land as it breaks down and decomposes. Trees and stumps removed from your property can be taken to a recycling plant where they are ground into mulch. We can also chop it into firewood which is great all year round for either a fire pit outside or fireplace outside.

Here at Sharp Tree Service, our team of tree removal experts work efficiently and safely to make sure that this phase of your pool project is completed on time and on budget. While we are clearing your land for a pool, we will also be enhancing the value and beauty of your home and molding a safe environment for your family to continue to grow in.