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Summer Tree Care Tips

The Summertime isn’t only about hot weather, but it’s also about less rainfall. This can affect your trees and have them going from Spring flourishing to Summer withering.
You’ll need some tips and tricks to keep your trees healthy and fresh without worrying if it’s going to rain anytime soon and preparing them for the Autumn and Winter months.

Have a good irrigation system

Trees will need extra water during the Summer from the heat and lack of rain. Yet you must get water into the ground and roots, not just on leaves, that are typically ok with other plants.

You also want to ensure that you water them either overnight or in the early morning when it’s cooler; otherwise, the water is prone to evaporation with the increased heat.


Yes, this should have been done in the Springtime, but it’s also ok to do it in Summer and even do it once more. Mulching helps to fight weeds, which will suck out the water and soil nutrients needed by the tree.

In addition, it helps with temperature control (which helps a lot during the heat) as well as helps keep the soil moist and not too dry. This helps for maximum water absorption by the tree and not the surrounding soil.


This is not as intensive of pruning as needed in the colder months, yet it is important nonetheless. It’s also combined with an overall inspection of your tree to see if there are any major issues.

For example, if you see dead branches or any disease growing on the leaves or stems, those should be pruned first. This is a chance to ensure that the tree’s overall health is intact and that you prune accordingly to preserve its health.

Additional pest inspection
Once you finish off the pruning, you’ll want to do a deep dive to see if any pests have made the tree their home. As it’s the Summer, expect to find insects in full production as well. This isn’t about any type of insect but pests that can harm a tree, such as the Japanese Beetle, Bagworm, or Gypsy Moth, just to name a few.

If you don’t take these pests out now, then you’ll have a tree that will be weaker heading into Autumn and Winter. You might want to entertain working with professionals who handle tree care to know exactly what pests to look out for and easily identify them.

Applying Fertilizer

You’ll want to apply fresh fertilizer during the Summer season as well. Fertilizer helps promote healthy tree growth, and this will help it with water absorption and disbursement throughout its system. That, combined with the additional nutrients from the fertilizer, will produce a healthier tree that can fight against any unwanted pests or diseases.

Although the Summertime is a time for relaxation, more often than not, it’s a great time to implement these summer tree care tips. Make sure to support your healthy tree. If you have questions or need help with your trees, see our reviews and contact us today.