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Alpharetta Tree Service: Winter Tree Trimming

Alpharetta Tree Service recommends you Tree Trim Before Spring! Winter is the best time to prune with no foliage on the trees

By late winter or early spring most shrubs and trees remain dormant due to less stress. With the exception of evergreens, this is the time of year we see little to no foliage on trees. For this reason, we say that winter is the best time to prune. Having little to no foliage, affords easier inspection of the tree by your Sharp Tree Service tree experts. They can also better assess your property’s structural risks. Shedding season is over and the foliage is on the ground. No leaves on the trees, changing colors. Also, without the presence of foliage, it is easier to get rid of those unwanted branches and remove any damaged or dead trees that can pose a threat when icy conditions could be fast approaching.

alpharetta tree service winter tree pic

When pruning, the best rule, is to start with damaged or dead limbs. Leaving these on the tree can poison the good limbs, and leave the tree exposed to diseases and pests. Damaged and dead limbs can also cause a potential safety hazard. It’s always good to cut your losses and count your blessings, especially when pruning your trees. It’s obvious your losses are the dead and damaged limbs that must be cut, therefore, the limbs that have maintained the structure of the tree are your blessings. Only your professional arborist at Sharp Tree Service would know, that in order to maintain the true structure of the tree, the branches must be cut at the node, or the intersection where the branches attach to one another. When the limbs begin to grow together, you lose the essence of your tree and it will begin to take on a whole new shape. The blessing of the true structure of the tree will be lost if left to the inexperienced pruner.

Come this winter, when you’re ready to prune your trees in preparation for better regrowth for the spring, call Sharp Tree Service. We are the tree experts and since the best way to confirm whether a branch is dead or damaged, is to climb that tree, we’ll handle that part for you.

It’s always recommended to hire a certified arborist to perform the initial inspection and with no foliage, it makes for an easier inspection of the tree. It’s also best to call an expert Alpharetta Tree Service.  Sharp Tree Service, a professional tree service crew, can do the trimming for you.

Pruning shrubs and trees should be done once every 3 years to keep them from reaching unwanted areas, growing out of control and losing their true structure. Check out a few reasons why we recommend pruning in the winter when there is little to no foliage below:

· Tree is dormant, less stress                              alpharetta tree service frozen winter tree

· Easier inspection of the tree, no foliage

· Better regrowth in the spring, healthier tree

· Better assessment of property’s structural risk

· Less debris to clean if tree is removed

· Reduced exposure of tree to diseases and pests

If you need help with winter tree trimming please contact us!

The tree experts at Sharp Tree Service are happy to help you with pruning services, trimming the trees, cutting the branches, and of course, beautifying your garden. Currently, we are operating in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming, GA. Contact us today at (770) 428-2543, and let our professionals do the hard work!