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Local Tree Removal Ordinances

Before You Have a Tree Removed, Know What Your City Allows

Here at Sharp Tree Service, we encourage our community to preserve healthy trees. They enhance the look and air of our communities. If necessary, we will remove any tree from your property at your request. However, some city ordinances only allow tree removal when certain situations occur.

The Atlanta area is a pioneer when it comes to major cities promoting tree friendliness. The city diligently protects various antique trees found around the Atlanta metro area. One can assume it avenges the fiery trail of burning opulent Atlanta homes that Sherman left during his march to the sea.

Climbing Magnolia
Climbing Magnolia located at Piedmont Park

The Atlanta Journal Constitution did a story about popular trees that are beloved landmarks around town called 20 Atlanta trees you should know. This article thoroughly explains how protected trees are in the Atlanta metro area. The writer highlighted a special tree at Piedmont Park by saying, “The “Climbing Magnolia” in Piedmont Park is one of the city’s most recognizable — and most photographed — trees.” Healthy trees add personality to our communities, so most cities have created ordinances to protect them.

Let’s review the different tree ordinances of a few cities located in Fulton county. This information was gathered each cities’ community website.

Alpharetta Tree Ordinance

“ATree Removal Permit Application must be submitted to the City of Alpharetta prior to the removal of any tree (dead or alive) from any property within the City limits. Please contact the City of Alpharetta Arborist with any questions regarding tree removal that may not be answered below at 678-297-6229 or treepermits@alpharetta.ga.us.

In the event that a severe storm causes trees to topple or break, the City of Alpharetta will not require a tree removal permit for the removal of these trees. However, documentation of the storm-damaged trees must be submitted. Please provide photographs of the damaged trees and email, along with your address and any other pertinent information to treepermits@alpharetta.ga.us.”

Roswell Tree Ordinance

“The City of Roswell does not have the legal authority to require the removal of trees that are located on private property unless the trees threaten public property (public streets, sidewalks, school yards, public parks and other public property). When there is a dispute between neighbors about a perceived hazardous tree, this is a civil issue and the City of Roswell will not intervene.

A tree removal permit may be required to remove a tree on your property. Please review the Tree Removal Permit Application or contact the Arborist/Landscape Architect at 770-594-6293 for questions regarding tree removal and permitting of such. All property owners/residents in the River Corridor (property within 2,000 feet of the Chattahoochee River) must contact the Arborist/Landscape Architect at 770-594-6293 or the Planning & Zoning office at 770-871-6720 before removing any trees.”

Cumming (Forsyth County) Tree Ordinance

“Establishing a healthy and sustainable urban and community forest will preserve and enhance the quality of life within the county, while at the same time enhance economic growth and development. The [Forsyth County] Tree Ordinance requires that all commercial and industrial sites and major residential subdivisions maintain a minimum tree density following development. Tree removal by homeowners on their property is exempt from the requirements of the Tree Ordinance.”

So, before you have a tree removed from your property, make sure it fits within your community’s tree ordinance. Once you confirm that your tree(s) can be removed, give Sharp Tree Service a call. We look forward to removing your tree and then cleaning up your property afterwards.