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Winter is a great time for Tree Pruning certain Tree Types

Winter is a good time for tree pruning and trimming in most regions of the US.    Winter tree trimming is less stressful on the trees when they are dormant.   Pruning certain types of plants in the winter encourages quick regrowth in the spring time.   Here are a few tips for pruning these deciduous plants in the winter when their lack of foliage makes the job easier:

  • Start by pruning out any dead or unhealthy branches.
  • Next remove overgrowth and other small branches to allow improved light and air at the tree crown.
  • Trim branches at their node. The node is the point where one branch connects to another.

Below are more specific tips for tree trimming and pruning of specific types of plants and trees:

Azalea – Azaleas do not need to be cut back aggressively as they will grow new branches from right below the cut.

Butterfly Bush – Prune these plants aggressively.  Cut them within a few inches of the ground to stimulate new shoot growth.

Chaste Tree –   Chaste trees are very forgiving when it comes to pruning.  First remove all old overgrowth in the center to neaten things up.  To encourage new growth makes cuts back to the side branches.

Crepe Myrtle – For Tree Shaped – Choose several of the branches coming from the ground and remove the side branches halfway up the tree.  As it continues to grow prune the lower limbs to gain clearance.  To maintain a shrub form, prune the entire plant back 6 inches from the ground.

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