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What to Expect When Hiring a Tree Service Company?

When in need of hiring a tree company it’s best to be proactive and preventative, rather than having to react to a potentially hazardous situation.  Sharp Tree Service offers our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a team of certified, licensed and insured arborists who care about their customer’s safety, is in control of all your tree related needs.

To answer the question above, what to expect when hiring a tree service company?  The Sharp Tree answer would be; When hiring a tree service, you should expect a full, on-site consultation from a certified, licensed and insured arborist.  He will evaluate your immediate issues, assess the surrounding area, to include structures and tree fall paths, as well as educating you on ongoing Maintence, as well as all the services they provide.   That’s exactly what we do at Sharp Tree Service.  Read on to see what to expect when hiring Sharp Tree Service to handle all of your tree related needs.

Tree or Branch Risk Assessment and Costs

What to expect when hiring a tree service company?

A sure-fire way of being pro-active is to contact us before a storm for a tree or branch risk assessment.  We all know that Georgia Storms can be extremely destructive and fallen trees and branches are a huge factor.  This is a perfect time to contact us and schedule a free estimate and consultation with one of our certified, licensed and insured tree arborists.

He will be looking for pest infestation, lightning marks and the overall health of the tree.  Then he will provide you with an assessment of the risks the tree posses to your property and your safety.




Sharp Tree Service Crane

The inspector will also review the area to better approach the service and plan for what type of equipment will be necessary for the job. Sometime a crane is needed in high risk situations.  Not many tree service companies are using a crane for tree removal, but Sharp Tree Service is not among them.  We are excited to announce that we do utilize our crane for tree removal, making the process much easier and it decreasing the impact to the properties surrounding yours.  All of our crane operators are properly trained and with our crane we can remove any tree of any size from your property.

Tree Cutting Service Day

On the day of the service the crew will proceed with setting up the equipment needed and begin the task. It is recommended to keep a distance from the work area for your own safety. If there’s already  damage caused by a fallen branch, we recommend that you document the situation with photos to send to your insurance company.

Sharp Tree Service - Tree Service Crew
Sharp Tree Service – Tree Service Crew

The procedure involves cutting the tree from top to bottom, so we begin with all the branches and move down the trunk. Once the whole tree has been sectioned we proceed to remove the stump depending on the customer agreement during the first consultation as part of the service.






What Happens After The Tree Service is Complete

If the service requested did not involve a tree removal but rather a trimming, it is recommended to keep an eye on the condition and health of the tree in the coming months to make sure no diseases develop and no infestation or fungus falls on the tree. We will give you some guidelines telling you what to look for after the service is complete.

Don’t wait to diagnose trees that pose potential damage to your home. Sharp Tree Services takes pride in the proper diagnosis and treatment of your trees, we Are Experts. Give us a call at 770-428-2543 to schedule an appointment to avoid the trouble of letting an unhealthy tree get out of hand.