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Tree Removal Services

Sever thunderstorms may cause you to need tree removal services

Tree removal services are becoming more useful than ever. Severe weather such as thunderstorms and tornados has caused damage to local areas, resulting in fallen trees and debris. Sharp Tree Service offers professional tree removal services to help you clean up your landscaping in efforts to recover from storm damage.

tree removal servicesOne of the great things about calling Sharp Tree Service for tree removal services is our prompt response time. We’re an all-in-house service; we own all of our equipment. Our team consists of licensed and insured arborists. Sharp Tree Service can handle any size job. If a large oak tree is completely uprooted in your front yard, don’t stress out. Sharp Tree Service has a bucket truck which allows us to get close to trees for easy pick-up. We have a log truck for hauling away trees, limbs and other tree debris. We’ll grab that tree and haul it away before you can say “tree down”.

Severe weather isn’t the only reason for tree removal services. Sometimes it can act as a preventative measure. For example, dead trees ore trees hovering over your house should be subject to removal. A fallen tree limb in your yard is one thing; a fallen tree limb on your house is another. Fallen tree limbs can cause structural damage to your roof or smash your fencing. The cost of roof repair can be devastating. Call us for tree removal services and keep you roof safe and sound.

A dead tree can become a nuisance to your property and home. Dead trees may be an eye soar for you, but it is a luxury condo for pests such as carpenter ants and termites. They can take up residence there temporarily and then move on over to your home once the free meal has ran out from the dead tree. As you know, termites and carpenter ants are a homeowner’s nightmare. Any damaged tree should be examined by professional arborists and removed. This can stop long term affects to your home’s foundation, plumbing and wiring. Tree roots can run deep underground and cause damage not plainly seen by the naked eye. However, signs such as cracked walkways can let you know when it’s time for that tree to be examined and possibly removed. By calling Sharp Tree Service you can prevent that headache from happening with tree removal services.

At Sharp Residential we specialize in the care of trees. Call us for a Free Onsite Consultation so we can discuss any issues you currently have or prevent any future problems from happening concerning the trees on you property.