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Pruning for Spring

Pruning your trees now will have them looking great for the spring and summer months.  Sharp Tree Service can help.

Pruning is part of the yard work we usually associate with spring and summer.  It’s just one of the many outdoor chores we get back to after the colder months!  But did you know that pruning during the winter is not only common, it can also be quite helpful for your trees?  If you want to see new growth in the spring, winter is the best time for pruning.  This is especially true for summer-blooming trees.

tree trimming, pruning

There are several factors to think about if you’re considering pruning.

  • Safety:  Low-hanging branches can impede movement and line of sight for pedestrians and drivers along roads and driveways.  Wind and other movement can also cause these branches to fall or whip into those nearby.  Removing them is the best option.
  • Direct growth and shape:  Pruning influences the direction in which trees grow.  WIth each cut, growth stops in one direction but is encouraged to go in another.  This can help determine the shapes your trees take.
  • Promote health:  Keep your trees healthy by pruning off diseased, dead, or infested branches.

If you need help with pruning this winter, or any time of year, Shar Tree Service can help.  Our experienced crews are dedicated to making your trees as safe, beautiful, and healthy as possible.  If you’d like more information on how we can help ease your pruning chores, please visit our website or give us a call us at 770-428-2543 for more information.  

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