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Its, Fall…Plant a tree

The best time to plant a tree is in the fall

Summertime is over, it’s time to plant a tree.  Last month we talked about planting sustainable trees.  We were getting you ready because now the work begins.  Industry professionals recommend that you plant a tree in the fall.  The warm days and cool moist nights provide optimal root development and growth, a sturdy root system for the winter and beautiful maturing plants to bloom in the spring.  With all their energy being spent on root growth in the fall, the reward of the leaves and flowers come spring will definitely be worth it.

Along with all the benefits that come when you plant a tree in the fall you can save money!  According to Carpenter Costin, an expert in landscape management, local nurseries generally offer a discount on plants in the fall in order to prevent them from having to keep it over the winter. Therefore, the savings are passed on to you, the customer.

When it comes to a beautifully landscaped yard you have to prepare for it. Most people only concentrate on their landscaping needs in the spring and summer months. To get that healthy-looking, well-kept, flourishing oasis of a back yard we all long for, it is wise to plant a tree in the fall.  Trees and shrubs need to have a solid root system to survive the winter.  With all of their energy being focused on developing their foundation, your trees and shrubs will start producing flowers and foliage immediately when the heat of the warm spring sun begins to shine down.  You can also add transplanting your already existing trees and shrubs to your fall landscaping project.  While you’re adding to your outdoor space why not re-invent your yard for a fresh new look next spring.

If your schedule does not permit the time for you to plant a tree this fall call the experts at Sharp Tree Service.  Along with offering complete tree services throughout Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell and other surrounding cities in Metro Atlanta, Sharp Tree Service will handle all your landscaping needs.  For a yard, abundant with the vibrant colors of the flowers and leaves on your plants and trees you must lay down your foundation in the fall.  Call Sharp Tree Service for a FREE QUOTE today!