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Give the Gift of Professional Tree Service

Professional Tree Service
Professional Tree Service

Give the gift that no one would expect

This year give the gift of professional tree service to your friends and loved ones.  This is a gift that will stand out from the rest. It is a gift that people may not buy for themselves and they may think they don’t need.  They won’t be able to thank you enough when that big storm comes through and knocks that tree right through their roof. They will be happy they have access to professional tree service.  Your gift will provide your loved ones with a sense of peace that in the event of a tree emergency they will be covered, thanks to you and Sharp Tree Service.

We offer emergency service for fallen trees in Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell and surrounding areas.  Our skilled crew and equipment can remove fallen trees and tree parts from your property in an instant.  We have a bucket truck for getting close to objects and a portable saw mill for shaving off the bark onsite.  We will also cover any gaping holes in a roof to mitigate any subsequent damage from fallen trees, until the roofer comes.  Your gift of professional tree service will come in handy when Mother Nature comes knocking trees down.

Call us to help you put a package together.  You can leave the “Service Needed” part blank and allow one of our licensed and certified tree experts to come out for a FREE Consultation.  With the gift of professional tree service from Sharp your loved ones can expect expert grading and landscape preparation work.  With our hardscaping service, we can accent landscaping, giving flowers and shrubs the proper stage. We install patios and pathways made from stone, concrete and other hard wearing materials.  Give your brother the gift of grading his pool area before he installs it this summer.

Don’t limit your gift to just your friends and loved ones.  Give yourself the gift of professional tree service and upgrade your own yard.  We can help you make your backyard your own personal oasis with water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains.  At Sharp Tree Service, we provide shrub pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding and tree removal services to Metro Atlanta (Cummings, Roswell and Sandy Springs.)  Our professional tree services include, an evaluation of your property and diagnosis of any unhealthy or dead trees.  No matter what your yard needs, we can handle it.

This holiday season give the gift of professional tree service.  Call Sharp Tree Service for a FREE QUOTE today!