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Christmas Tree Disposal

Here are some tips from Sharp Tree Service to help make your Christmas tree disposal a little easier this year.

The pesky fact of Christmas tree disposal probably wasn’t on your mind when you were enjoying the beautiful lights, tinsel and ornaments you carefully hung this holiday season. While it’s not as fun as the decorating process, there are a few tips to make your Christmas tree disposal process a little easier – and even ecologically friendly – this year. We are experts in tree removal for your home every other day of the year, so we decided to tackle this holiday-themed tree removal project.

One reason Christmas tree disposal can be a bother is the debris your tree leaves behind when you move it. One way to avoid this is to dispose of Christmas tree disposalyour tree as soon as possible (and as soon as you are ready to let go of that extra holiday cheer). These prevents the tree from dying in your home and leaving those pesky needles behind. Another way to prepare yourself is to have a broom handy. A little debris is natural, so if you’re ready for it there will be minimal frustration. Also, make sure you have a clear path to the door.

If you’re looking for a way to benefit the environment during the Christmas tree disposal process, you’re in luck! A growing trend is Christmas tree recycling. You can drop you tree off at a designated location and it will be put through a chipper to be turned into mulch. Hardware stores and recycling centers all around the Atlanta area are getting in on the action. Knowing you are helping the environment can help ease the frustrations that tend to accompany Christmas tree disposal.

While we can’t do much to make getting rid of your Christmas tree any easier, we definitely can help with all your other tree removal and landscaping needs. Call us today for a free quote.