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Lawn Design: Formal Lawn Design

Want a classy backyard? Try a formal lawn design!

In our last post we covered family-friendly lawn designs. In this post we will cover the next installment to our three part series of lawn design, form lawn design. Some properties require a more formal lawn design to complement the home. Formal lawn design usually has the following features: geometric patterns, framing and borders. Each design element can give your lawn a distinctive look this spring.

formal lawn design
formal lawn design

Geometric patterns can make the space look larger. Separating your lawn with linear patterns and pathways also gives the backyard order. You can use pebbles or hardscapes. Sharp Tree Service install hardscapes such as stone, concrete and other hard wearing materials. Creating patterns gives the elements of your yard a great stage for proper display. For example, using potted plants as accents along the path can show off your gardening skills, add color and provide decorative accents.

Create balance by repeating shapes and colors throughout the yard. Give your space that calming affect by mirroring the plants in a pattern across the hardscaping. You can also create frames by dividing up the yard. Installing an arbor can create a border within the space. For example, if one side of the yard is for entertaining and other is for your relaxing zen garden, adding an arbor can make it feel like two different outside rooms. Place some topiary to keep it symmetrical.

A bordered lawn can make your grass the centerpiece of your design. Freshly manicured grass outlined with a wall and shrubbery can make the lawn standout. Meadow grass can give the yard depth and dimension. Give your yard a focal point such as a fountain or a waterfall. Design your yard so the lawn draws the eye to the fountain. Install mixed plants to give the area dimension as the grass rolls out a pathway to the centerpiece fountain.

So now you have a few tips on formal garden design. Sharp Tree Service can help you cultivate your backyard into your ideal space before the summer parties begin. Now is the time to get your backyard in order, so give us a call for landscaping services at 770-428-2543. Stay tune for our last installment in landscape design when we cover our final topic, pool landscaping .