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Landscaping Design Part 1: Family-friendly Lawn

Jump-start your yard for spring with a new family-friendly lawn!

After a long ground-freezing winter, it’s time for some spring lawn care services. The grass is thin and brown, but it can be plush a green again. All it needs is a little landscaping design love. There are many landscaping designs available to make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. Sharp Tree Service can help you turn your lawn into a great play area or entertaining space.

Family-friendly Lawn
Family-friendly Lawn

Spring lawn care isn’t limited to cutting the grass. That’s for amateurs plus it lacks creativity. In the next few blog posts we will cover three different type of landscaping designs to change the look and feel of your property. First we will look at creating a family-friendly lawn.

If you are a homeowner with kids, making your lawn family-friendly is important. You need a space for the children to enjoy plus a space for the adults. Incorporate a play area in your landscaping design. An outdoor kids play area can bring a cool and fun feel to your landscaping. They can be a captain of a pirate ship or maybe a damsel in locked in a tower. Having the landscape prepped and maintained for their summer adventures is essential to keeping your yard safe and fun. We can outline your backyard with a creative design to distinguish the landscaping such as installing plants or outlining the area with a rock border. We specialize in hardscaping, so creating a yellow brick road for your little munchkin will be as simple as pie. We will help you choose resilient plants that will tolerate outdoor fun.

It’s important to have your child’s play area close to the house so you can supervise their play time. During this time of year when snakes start to resurface, you definitely want the grass and shrubbery low around the outdoor kids play area.  Sharp Tree Service can cut down high grass, trim the bushes and provide landscaping services on a routine basis to ensure your grounds are groomed and free of ugly weeds and predators.

After a long day at work, you need a space for peace and tranquility. Maybe you just need an escape from your little monsters. A nicely position garden can be the answer. Designing an area of your yard for a small garden provides practical functionality. For example you can have a garden border around the play area. It can be separated by a rubber mulch path so the kids can ride their bikes while you tend to flowers or veggies. Rubber mulch is attractive and rather maintenance free. The grass can still get water and nutrients without the presence of annoying weeds. It’s a win-win for the whole family.

In our next spring lawn care post we will look at formal landscape designs.