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Atlanta Storm Damage Repair

Atlanta storm damage repair services in the downtown area.

When winter storms hit, Atlanta storm damage repair services are needed. A week ago, the southeast region of the nation experienced a great winter storm, very uncommon for the area. In particular, downtown Atlanta, GA looked like a skating rink for the greatest Olympic games ever. Since that wasn’t the case, the city was plagued with some down power lines and fallen tree limbs. Sharp Tree Service offers storm damage repair services to get your property back to normal.

tree removal services
tree removal services

Storm damage repair might be in the very near future for some residents and business owners in metro Atlanta. The city is under a severe winter storm warning. This is storm is predicted to bring forth a city’s nightmare – ice – which can really cause major damages. As we discussed in our previous blog post about winterizing your trees, freeing temperatures can cause a tree to freeze up. Frozen tree limbs, especially heavy old ones, can result in the limb cracking and completely breaking off the tree. When large tree limbs fall, they can land on your home, car or just cover your yard. All of these scenarios can call for Atlanta storm damage repair services.

Sharp Tree Service handles professional storm damage repair services to damaged yards and buildings. We can remove any size tree along with all the ice tree limbs. It’s tough residing in your home with a tree on the roof. No problem. For extremely awkwardly positioned trees, we have a forklift for picking up such hefty items. After a fallen tree is removed from, the landscape has damages. Flowers are mashed, dirt is disrupted and concrete is cracked, causing for an eye soar. Sharp Tree Service offers landscaping services including planting trees, flowers and restoring your grounds. We can repair your hardscaping, plant new trees and remove any unwanted tree stumps too.

Winter rain, sleet, snow and ice can really damage landscaping. If your residence or business incurs any storm damage in the next coming days, call Sharp Tree Service. Call us for a Free Quote anytime.