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We Offer Hardscaping Services


Pool Land Grading
Pool Land Grading

There’s no doubt that we at Sharp Tree Service are experts at caring for trees and your natural grounds. But did you know that we can also take your property to the next level through hardscaping. We can install pathways, sidewalks, retaining walls and more.

Hardscaping is adding structure, such as sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, pools, fountains or roads onto a property, integrating them into the natural environment. It can vastly improve the look of an area of land, but requires a company with the right set of tools –and the right eye for design– to do it right. That’s where Sharp Tree Service comes in!

Hardscaping gives your property a deeper look and feel than just grass alone. By creating paved areas of pathways, patios or other areas helps bring personal expression to your property. We offer several materials to choose from when you build your pathway or patio, including stone, concrete or other hard materials. Looking to install a pool? No problem, we can shape your property with our land grading service.

If it’s a new lawn you’re after, Sharp Tree Service can install sod and get things off to a great start. And to keep everything beautifully maintained, we can install a full sprinkler or irrigation systems. For that extra touch, we can also add mulch or pinestraw to your hardscaped property.  We build retaining walls, too!

What if there are existing dead trees or stumps on the property you’re looking to hardscape? No problem! Our certified and insured arborists can remove those dying trees and grind the stumps away, getting your land ready for shaping.

Hardscaping adds elegant design and a dynamic feel to your land. Let us be your first choice in creating the property of your dreams. Call us today to schedule service!