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The Importance of Using a Certified Arborist

Don’t trust just anybody with your trees! Always call a certified arborist.

certified arborist

A certified arborist is someone who is required to meet certain standards of knowledge and skill set down by the Internation Society or Arborists. An ISA certified arborist has to have at least three years in the field, understand all aspects of arborculture, forestry, horticulture or landscape architecture before they are even eligible to take the certification test!

Sharp Tree Service cares about the health of your trees. We are able to take care of your trees at any point in their life cycle. We offer tree planting services, tree removal services, stump grinding and more.

Certified arborists are trained to spot many things about trees, including warning signs of various tree diseases. Trees are susceptible to fungus, root rot, bacteria, bark disease, needle blight and other ailments. An arborist can identify these conditions and take the proper course of action to return the tree to health when possible. If it is not possible to get a tree back in a healthy state, the arborist knows exactly how to remove the tree without wreaking havoc on the surrounding ecosystem. An arborist can also plant new trees into the ecosystem to replace those lost, when prudent.

Hiring a certified arborist, like the ones you’ll find at Sharp Tree Service will ensure the best possible outcome for your tree health needs.We’ll take excellent care of your property.We begin every job with a thorough evaluation of your land and examine the overall health of your trees and surrounding environs. If you have an emergency situation, such as limbs threatening to damage your area after a storm, we can help remove those as well. If you’d like to know more about how Sharp Tree Service can help you, then give us a call for your free estimate today!