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It’s Planting Season

Check out our tips for planting season

Planting season is upon us. Most people only concentrate on their landscaping needs in the spring and summer months. To get that healthy-looking, well-kept, flourishing oasis of a back yard we all long for, it is wise to plant a tree in the fall. When it comes to a beautifully landscaped yard you have to prepare for it.

It's Planting Season
It’s Planting Season

In our last two blogs we focused on planting sustainable trees and which trees and shrubs would work best for your planting site. We also shared some of our favorite choices that would sustain their beauty through all the seasons, requiring little to no maintenance. That was the introduction, now the work begins.  Below are some tips for planting trees.  Get the full list at: http://www.wvu.edu/~agexten/hortcult/treeshru/planting.htm

1. Two people should be available when trees and shrubs are to be planted.

2. Handle trees and shrubs carefully. Balled and burlapped plants should be carried by the earth ball, not by the trunk.

3. Keep bare roots covered at all times with wet burlap and keep earth balls moist at all times.

4. Trees and shrubs should be held in an upright position at all times after placing in the planting pit.

5. Plant only healthy trees and shrubs.

So now that planting season is here, the work begins for you and your trees. You’ll find that with all of their energy being focused on developing their foundation in the fall, and maintaining a sturdy root system in the winter, the rewards will be well worth it. Your trees and shrubs will start producing flowers and foliage immediately when the heat of the warm spring sun begins to shine down.

The common thought among professionals is that if you plant a tree in the fall, it allows for the roots to settle into their environment, elongate and begin preparation for the growing season. Also, the warm days and cool moist nights of this season provide the most favorable environment for root development and growth.  Some experts say fall planting allows roots time to re-establish before cold weather, providing a sturdy root system for the winter.  Therefore, planting season for them would be in mid-October.  Other Industry professionals recommend that you plant a tree in late fall or early winter because roots grow in the colder months. They say the ideal temperature to plant a tree ranges between 35-60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Either way you look at it, whether it’s early fall or late fall…fall is planting season and it’s time to prepare.

If you don’t have time this planting season for a fall tree planting project call the experts at Sharp Tree Service.  Along with offering complete tree services throughout Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell and other surrounding cities in Metro Atlanta, Sharp Tree Service will handle all your landscaping needs.  For a yard, abundant with the vibrant colors of the flowers and leaves on your plants and trees you must lay down your foundation in the fall.  It’s planting season.  Call Sharp Tree Service for a FREE QUOTE today!