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Series on Tree Hazards: Mushrooms

Do you know how to identify tree hazards in yard?

If a tree falls in Cumming, does it make a sound? Indeed it does. A tree makes a sound no matter where it falls and no one has to be around to hear it. It’s probably one of the worst sounds to hear. Sometimes a tree falls due to inclement weather when string winds come through. However, in other instances, a tree can fall because of a tree disease. Recognizing tree hazards is easy to a trained arborists, but your average homeowner may not know the dangers that lurk around the trees in their yard.

Tree Hazards: Mushrooms
Tree Hazards: Mushrooms

Your yard will always give you warning signs when trees are in bad shape. As a tree service company, we understand cutting down a tree is the last resort. Sometimes we can save a tree if the problem is caught early. There are ways to determine if your trees are unhealthy or need attention. Industry professionals know the following tree hazards are warning signs for all notate. In this next series from Sharp Tree Service, we will cover some of the tree hazards and how you can prevent and fix such situations.

  • Mushrooms present at the base of the tree
  • Large dead branches
  • Large cavities in the tree
  • Leaning heavily in one direction
  • Other trees in nearby or adjacent areas have been removed
  • The tree has been heavily pruned
  • Cracks in the branches or trunk
  • Branches have fallen from the tree

There are more warning signs or tree hazards; however, we will touch bases on the ones listed above. First let’s start with mushrooms present on the tree.

Mushrooms grow in the wild and some are harmless. However, some mushrooms are deadly to trees. Mushrooms, as you may recall, are a type of fungus. In regards to trees, there are two types of mushrooms that grow on trees and cause serious infection: brown rot and white rot. Brown rot is a very dangerous infection to your tree. If found on a tree in your yard, it can very well kill said tree within a year. Brown rot grows quickly and attacks the vascular system in the cellulose portion of a tree. It is also noticeable by dry and cracked tree limbs. White rot is dangerous but not as bad as brown rot. White rot moves slowly throughout a tree; however, it breaks down the cellulose in a tree too. Either way rot from mushrooms can kill a tree if not treated within a timely fashion. Treating tree fungus can include fungicide; however prevention is key. You want to avoid unhealthy trees especially tree fungus by keeping the tree watered and fertilized. Also avoid any damage to the tree’s trunk like mowing over the roots with a lawnmower. The best way to get rid of tree fungus if it is present is to call a tree professional or arborist. As always for full tree services, call on the team of tree experts at Sharp Tree Service at 770-428-2543.