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Winter Tree Damage

You can prevent winter tree damage in your yard.

Did you know your trees can suffer from cold weather damage? Winter tree damage is actually very common. It’s not usually caused by a cold winter; however, fluctuations in temperature paired with the dormant period and growing period of a tree can cause issues to your landscape. Sharp Tree Service specializes in tree care and landscaping services. Check out these tips for winterizing your trees.

winter tree damage
Trees in Winter

The polar vortex that struck the nation a few weeks ago caused rapid temperature drops. Places that normally would have very cold climate experienced frost and snow at record breaking numbers. Trees need slow falling temperatures as the seasons change so they can adjust to the new weather. When we experience extended periods of mild winter or fall, trees continue to grow or are in a growing period. When there is a sudden hard freeze or an extremely rapid drop in climate, a tree can become injured due to stress.

Did you know frost can crack a tree? A sudden freeze that occurs while a tree is still in the growing period can cause damage to the tree tissue. This typically happens if there is a freeze in late spring or early fall. This also depends on what kind of trees you have in your yard. It’s always best to plant trees native to your area. However, you have to be careful when planting. Planting tree seeds at the wrong time can result in frozen roots.

There is some good news – you can help prevent winter tree damage. Make sure you select strong species of trees to plant and that you fertilize the ground at the proper time. Late fertilization can cause damage. If you live in a dry area, water your trees and shrubs. They can get thirsty. You should also use mulch to maintain moisture around the tree roots. It also serves as good insulation. In severe cases you can wrap your trees to avoid winter tree damage.  Now, how are the trees in your yard holding up?