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Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is the answer to getting rid of those unsightly tree stumps in your yard. This service can also put an end to tree roots tearing up your driveway and sidewalk in front of your home. This service is fast and affordable. Our compact equipment fits through almost any gate including standard 36″ openings making it more convenient and less interruptive. This innovative stump grinder is remote controlled and drivable, allowing us to get directly on top of the stump for the best removal possible.

tree stump grinding services, stump grinder in action, stump cutter
Our tool in action!

We provide efficient services with the use of our in-house stump cutter. It can virtually grind up any type of tree including hardwood trees with speed and ease. Each job is clean and fast. In fact, no one will ever know the tree stumps were there. Our stump grinding service removes every piece of the tree including the tree roots. Plus, tree stump grinding will make your landscaping a safe place for the family to play. It will also stop unwanted insects from invading your grounds and turning the stump into a new home. You don’t want termites or carpenter ants as roommates.

Estimates vary considerably depending on the size of the stump (measured in diameter) and surrounding obstacles. Let us smooth out your property so you can have the landscaping you desire – stump free. If you are a local homeowner, business owner or even a fellow tree service company in need of stump grinding service contractors, please call Sharp Tree Service for a Free Quote today!

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